But even on her darkest days of heavy heroin and crack cocaine use-oakley sunglasses

But even on her darkest days of heavy heroin and crack cocaine use, Karen claims she was still a great mother.
I thought I was this great mom. I knew I was getting high, but Asia never went without anything. She was well-fed, clean, she was in a loving home,oakley sunglasses, Karen says.
Still, her arrest was an eye-opener when her daughter was taken away on charges of neglect. And eventually,oakley sunglasses outlet, the longtime drug user found hope in an unlikely place: the District Family Treatment Court.
The program that will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Friday allows Karen and other substance abusers just like her to seek treatment while keeping their children in their custody, even though they are still required to accept the neglect charge.
Judge Pamela Gray, who oversees the program, says the neglect cases are severe,oakley outlet, but that keeping the parents with their children during treatment has had a tremendous impact. They don t have to constantly wonder how their children are doing in foster care or whether or not they are being treated well.
Karen, a 2005 graduate of the program,oakley sunglasses clearance, hopes that a photo of her taken during a trip to the White House one year ago will serve as incentive to stay away from drugs. She was invited by the drug czar to talk about her treatment, and Karen now vows never to let anyone take her daughter away from her again.
I’m just not going to let anyone take her from me anymore that’s not an option for me. Hearing her scream in the street is not an option for me anymore, she says.
So far,oakley sun glasses, more than 200 women have successfully completed the family court program and six more women will graduate at Friday’s ceremony.

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We’ll continue this year’s countdown with a program that made its first trip to the postseason since 2010-oakley eyeglasses

We’ll continue this year’s countdown with a program that made its first trip to the postseason since 2010.
Last year’s ranking:
Last year’s record: 10-15 (2-9 SEC), lost in first round of SEC tournament.
This year’s record: 14-14 (3-8 SEC), won first two rounds of SEC tournament, knocked out of first round of NCAA tournament by San Diego.
Two-sentence season review: It was a tale of two halves of 2013 for the Alabama men’s tennis team,oakley eyeglasses, which played well in non-conference play and won three consecutive matches against Arkansas,oakley, LSU and Auburn early in its SEC schedule. The Crimson Tide closed the regular season with seven straight losses but rebounded with a strong showing in the SEC Tournament to propel itself into the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2010.
MVP: Senior Jarryd Botha – The Alabama captain was at the center of some of Alabama’s biggest victories,oakley sunglasses clearance, none of which was larger than when he beat No. 15 Nik Scholtz to clinch the Crimson Tide’s upset of No. 6 Ole Miss in the SEC tournament. The All-SEC second teamer upset USC’s Emilio Gomez, the No. 6 player in the country, to advance to the Round of 32 in the NCAA singles championship.
High point: On Ole Miss’ home court, Alabama escaped with a 4-3 victory over the Rebels to advance to the third round of the SEC tournament. Along with Botha,oakley sunglasses, Daniil Proskura, Becker O’Shaughnessey and Stuart Kenyon picked up big victories.
Low point: The Crimson Tide didn’t pick up a single victory during its final seven regular season matches,oakley glasses, the majority of which were against top 20 programs.
Reasons for optimism: First years don’t get much better than the one coach George Husack experienced. He truly had the Crimson Tide peaking at the right time as it thrived in the SEC tournament and advanced to NCAAs. The Crimson Tide has four promising newcomers joining the team next year.
Reasons to worry: The seven-match losing streak showed just how much more work Alabama needs to do to become an elite program. Botha’s production and leadership will certainly be missed.
10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 -

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Because there is no dispute that Zimmerman shot Martin-oakley eyeglasses

Because there is no dispute that Zimmerman shot Martin, 17, during a fight on a rainy night in February 2012, Mark O’Mara must convince the jury that Zimmerman pulled his 9 mm handgun and fired a bullet into the Miami-area high school student’s chest because he feared for his life and that the fear was caused by Martin’s actions,oakley eyeglasses, not his race.
, which is expected to last about six weeks. Martin’s killing drew worldwide attention as it sparked a national debate about race, equal justice under the law and gun control. If convicted, Zimmerman, who identifies himself as Hispanic, could get a life sentence.
Under Florida law, Zimmerman, 29, could lawfully shoot Martin in self-defense if it was necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm.
O’Mara has to be careful how he characterizes Martin, said Randy McClean, an Orlando-area defense attorney. Mr. O’Mara’s challenge is to show Trayvon wasn’t profiled, that Zimmerman either saw something that looked suspicious or something else that caused him to make contact with Trayvon.
The challenge for prosecutors trying to get a second-degree murder conviction, meanwhile, is that they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that while Zimmerman’s actions weren’t premeditated, they demonstrated a depraved mind that didn’t consider the threat his actions had toward human life.
McClean and another Orlando defense attorney, David Hill, predicted that prosecutors will attack Zimmerman,oakley sun glasses, who was employed at a mortgage risk management firm, as a frustrated, would-be police officer who had a chip on his shoulder. Zimmerman had studied criminal justice at a community college and had volunteered to run his community’s neighborhood watch program.
The state’s narrative is going to be … Zimmerman was a powerful neighborhood watchman, a wannabe officer who liked to use his authority, McCLean said.
The Feb. 26, 2012, confrontation began when Zimmerman spotted Martin, whom he did not recognize, walking in the Retreat at Twin Lakes, the gated townhome community where Zimmerman lived and the fiancee of Martin’s father also resided. There had been a rash of recent break-ins at the Retreat, and Zimmerman was wary of strangers walking through the complex. He was well-known to police dispatchers for his regular calls reporting suspicious people and events.
Martin was walking back from a convenience store after buying ice tea and Skittles. It was raining, and he was wearing a hoodie.
Zimmerman called 911, got out of his vehicle and followed Martin behind the townhomes despite being told not to by a police dispatcher. These a——s, they always get away, Zimmerman said on the call. Zimmerman, who had a concealed weapons permit, was armed.
The two then got into a struggle. Zimmerman told police he had lost sight of Martin, and that Martin circled back and attacked him as he walked back to his truck. Prosecutors say he tracked down Martin and started the fight.
Zimmerman told police Martin punched him in the nose, knocking him down, and then got on top of him and began banging Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk. Photos taken after the fight show Zimmerman with a broken nose, bruises and bloody cuts on the back of his head. He said that when Martin spotted his gun holstered around his waist under his clothes, he said, You are going to die tonight. Zimmerman said he grabbed the gun first and fired. Martin died at the scene.
An autopsy showed Martin was shot through the heart at close range. Prosecutors claim Zimmerman was racially profiling Martin, and Martin’s divorced parents have said the neighborhood watch captain was the aggressor in the fight.
Trayvon Martin did not have a gun. Trayvon Martin did not get out of his car to chase anybody, said Benjamin Crump, the parents’ attorney. Trayvon Martin did not shoot and kill anybody.
Given the low visibility on the dark,oakley sunglasses sale, rainy night of the shooting, few residents of the Retreat at Twin Lakes were able to give investigators a good description of what happened, and several offered conflicting accounts of who was on top of whom during the struggle.
But 911 calls made by neighbors captured cries for help during the fight and then the gunshot. Martin’s parents say the cries for help were from their son, while Zimmerman’s father has testified they were from his son. Voice-recognition experts could play an important role in helping jurors decide who was screaming, provided they are allowed to testify. O’Mara had raised questions about whether such prosecution experts would mislead jurors and Circuit Judge Debra Nelson has yet to rule on his concerns.
For days, the Trayvon Martin shooting received no attention beyond some small items in the local news media. Sanford police, after questioning Zimmerman, let him go and local prosecutors chose not to press charges right away.
That changed after Martin’s parents hired Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney. He began complaining to the news media, accusing the police and prosecutors of letting the murderer of a black child go free, and contacting other civil rights leaders including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to get their support.
Those events sparked protests in Sanford and around the country, with thousands demanding that Zimmerman be prosecuted. Gov. Rick Scott appointed State Attorney Angela B. Corey from the nearby Jacksonville district to re-examine the case.
Forty-four days after Martin’s death, Corey charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder and had him arrested. For the past year, Zimmerman has been free on $1 million bond and living in seclusion. His defense is being paid by private contributions through a website O’Mara set up.
Outside attorneys say the challenge for O’Mara and his colleagues will be to divorce the case’s facts from the larger context of what the shooting symbolizes to some communities.
You have to take away the controversial stuff and make it just about what Zimmerman thought, that he was scared and feared for his life, Hill said.
If his pre-trial statements are any indication, that’s exactly what O’Mara will do. O’Mara earlier decided not to invoke a stand your ground hearing in which a judge alone would decide whether to dismiss the case or allow it to proceed to trial.
This case, in my opinion and in my view of the facts, is a clear,oakley sunglasses clearance, straightforward self-defense case based upon the forensic evidence, O’Mara said. With that as a premise, this case has taken on a significance well beyond the facts.
Nelson has already ruled that defense attorneys won’t be able to mention Martin’s past marijuana use, suspension from school and past fighting during opening statements, although Nelson left open the possibility that the defense could try again later during the trial if it could show relevance. Such a situation could arise if prosecutors attempt to portray Martin as an angelic kid.
The trial itself is like a symphony,oakley sunglasses outlet, O’Mara said in a recent interview. You play with those other people around you in the proper way to present the evidence. If they go down a certain path, then we may have to go down a certain path.
Jurors will want to hear from Zimmerman, but his attorneys should wait to see how their case unfolds before putting him on the stand, McClean said. It would be helpful for Zimmerman to get on the witness stand to recount his state of mind, Hill said.
I can’t see how he doesn’t, Hill said. He’s the only one who can say ‘I was scared for my life and here’s what happened.’
Another crucial witness will be a Miami-area female friend of Martin’s who was talking to the teen by cellphone as he was walking through the Retreat at Twin Lakes followed by Zimmerman. She says Martin told her during that conversation that someone was following him and that she also heard a brief exchange between him and someone before the phone was cut off. Martin was shot shortly afterward. But O’Mara already has called into question her credibility, accusing her of lying about missing Martin’s funeral because she was in the hospital.
O’Mara said he doubts he will find six jurors and four alternates who haven’t heard about the case but his goal is to find jurors who haven’t formed opinions. The judge ruled that potential jurors’ identities will stay anonymous in an effort to protect them from harassment and public pressure during the trial. She rejected a defense request to sequester the jury candidates during jury selection.
The defense will have a better chance with the jury if its members are older, more conservative citizens who believe in the right to bear arms, said both Hill and McCLean.
If there are African-Americans on the jury, they are going to sympathize with Trayvon Martin more, McClean said.
Prosecutors have refused to comment about the case outside the courtroom, but lead prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda indicated at a recent hearing he was well aware of the pressures the case’s high profile is putting on all parties involved. Reporters from national media groups are attending the trial, and areas outside the courthouse have been designated for expected protests.
We want to make sure this trial is tried in a courtroom and not outside a courtroom, de la Rionda said.

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(Entries for this section can be emailed to franksargeant@charter-oakley outlet

(Entries for this section can be emailed to franksargeant@charter.net.)
June 1-28: Red snapper season in Alabama waters and adjacent federal waters,oakley outlet.
June 23: T-H Marine- Lawler BBQ Open at Wheeler Lake. Ingalls Harbor; toprodtrail.wordpress.com.
June 29: Big Trout Derby out of Riverside Fly Shop on Sipsey River near Jasper; www.riversideflyshop.com.
July 13: Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series on Weiss out of Little River Marina,oakley eyeglasses; www.americanbassanglers.com.
July 13: NATA Tournament at Guntersville out of Goose Pond; www.natabass.com.
July 13: NBT Tournament at Wilson out of Safety Harbor; www.nbtbass.com.
July 26: NATA Night Tournament at Wheeler out of First Creek; www.natabass.com.
Aug. 10: NBT Tournament at Wheeler out of Ingall’s Harbor; www.nbtbass.com,oakley sunglasses clearance.
Aug. 15-18: Forrest Wood FLW Cup at Red River out of Shreveport, LA; www.flwoutdoors.com.
Aug. 18: NATA Night Tournament at Wilson out of Turtle Point; www.natabass.com.
Sept. 7: NBT Tournament at Guntersville out of Mink Creek; www.nbtbass.com.
September 8: Eddie Preuitt Ford Open at Wilson-Pickwick Lakes. Safety Harbor. Locking is allowed to Pickwick; toprodtrail.wordpress.com.
Sept. 14: NATA Tournament at Weiss out of Canal Ramp; www.natabass.com.
Sept. 14-15: Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Weekend Series on Guntersville out of Bucky Howe City Park; www.americanbassanglers.com.
Oct. 5: NATA Tournament at Guntersville out of Brown’s Creek; www.natabass.com.
Oct. 5-6: NBT Tournament at Pickwick out of McFarland Park; www.nbtbass.com.
October 20: A A Tackle-Smith Lake BP and Tackle Open at Smith Lake. Smith Lake Dam; toprodtrail,oakley sunglasses.wordpress.com.
Oct. 26: NATA Classic, Location to be announced; www.natabass.com.
November 2-3: Dobyns Rods Championship Guntersville Lake. Waterfront Grocery; toprodtrail,oakley sunglasses outlet.wordpress.com.

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By Paul Krugman-oakley

By Paul Krugman

Last month the Congressional Budget Office released its much-anticipated projections for debt and deficits, and there were cries of lamentation from the deficit scolds who have had so much influence on our policy discourse. The problem, you see,oakley, was that the budget office numbers looked, well,oakley sun glasses, OK: Deficits are falling fast, and the ratio of debt to gross domestic product is projected to remain roughly stable over the next decade. Obviously it would be nice, eventually, to actually reduce debt.Paul KrugmanBut if you’ve built your career around proclamations of imminent fiscal doom,oakley sunglasses sale, this definitely wasn’t the report you wanted to see.

Still, we can always count on the baby boomers to deliver disaster, can’t we? Doesn’t the rising tide of retirees mean that Social Security and Medicare are doomed unless we radically change those programs now now now?

Maybe not.

To be fair, the reports of the Social Security and Medicare trustees released Friday do suggest that America’s retirement system needs some significant work. The ratio of Americans older than 65 to those of working age will rise inexorably over the decades ahead, and this will translate into rising spending on Social Security and Medicare as a share of national income.

But the numbers aren’t nearly as overwhelming as you might have imagined, given the usual rhetoric. And if you look under the hood, the data suggest that we can, if we choose, maintain social insurance as we know it with only modest adjustments.

Start with Social Security. The retirement program’s trustees do foresee rising spending as the population ages, with total payments rising from 5.1 percent of GDP now to 6.2 percent in 2035, at which point they stabilize. This means, by the way, that all the talk of Social Security going “bankrupt” is nonsense; even if nothing at all is done, the system will be able to pay most of its scheduled benefits as far as the eye can see.

Still, it does look as if there will eventually be a shortfall, and the usual suspects insist that we must move right now to reduce scheduled benefits. But I’ve never understood the logic of this demand. The risk is that we might, at some point in the future, have to cut benefits; to avoid this risk of future benefit cuts, we are supposed to act preemptively by … cutting future benefits. What problem, exactly, are we solving here?

What about Medicare? For years, many people – myself included – have warned that Medicare is a much bigger problem than Social Security, and the latest report from the program’s trustees still shows spending rising from 3.6 percent of GDP now to 5.6 percent in 2035. But that’s a smaller rise than in previous projections. Why?

The answer is that the long-term upward trend in health care costs – a trend that has affected private insurance as well as Medicare – seems to have flattened out significantly over the past few years. Nobody is quite sure why,oakley outlet, but there are indications that some of the cost-reducing measures contained in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, are actually starting to “bend the curve,” just as they were supposed to. And because there are a number of cost-reducing measures in the law that have not yet kicked in, there’s every reason to believe that this favorable trend will continue.

Furthermore, there’s plenty of room for more savings, if only because recent research confirms that Americans pay far more for health procedures than citizens of other advanced countries pay; that the price premium can and should be brought down,oakley glasses, and when it is, Medicare’s financial outlook will improve further.

So what are we looking at here? The latest projections show the combined cost of Social Security and Medicare rising by a bit more than 3 percent of GDP between now and 2035, and that number could easily come down with more effort on the health care front. Now, 3 percent of GDP is a big number, but it’s not an economy-crushing number. The United States could, for example, close that gap entirely through tax increases, with no reduction in benefits at all, and still have one of the lowest overall tax rates in the advanced world.

But haven’t all the great and the good been telling us that Social Security and Medicare as we know them are unsustainable, that they must be totally revamped – and made much less generous? Why yes, they have; they’ve also been telling us that we must slash spending right away or we’ll face a Greek-style fiscal crisis. They were wrong about that, and they’re wrong about the longer run, too.

The truth is that the long-term outlook for Social Security and Medicare, while not great, actually isn’t all that bad. It’s time to stop obsessing about how we’ll pay benefits to retirees in 2035 and focus instead on how we’re going to provide jobs to unemployed Americans in the here and now. Paul Krugman writes for The New York Times. His work appears on Wednesday.

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Jackson at an event-oakley

E.W. Jackson at an event. AP.Virginia s Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson is holding his values close even as he runs for office amid criticism for comments he made about birth defects and gays.Jackson has suggested that Planned Parenthood has done more to hurt blacks than the Ku Klux Klan and called gays and lesbians perverted and very sick people,” according to the “Attacking me because I hold to those principles is attacking every church-going person, every family that s living a traditional family life,oakley, everybody who believes that we all deserve the right to live. So I don t have anything to rephrase or apologize for,” Jackson said to reporters at a campaign event in response to his comments.Jackson also wrote a book in 2008 called the The Ten Commandments for an Extraordinary life that contained a insinuating that babies born with birth defects were a result of sin:”Keep in mind that the whole cosmos has been made imperfect wounded by sin. It is the principle of sin,oakley sun glasses, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences. Leaving aside that for a moment,oakley sunglasses, recent discoveries about the genetic code of each human being are a fulfillment of scripture. Your genetic code is the handwriting of God, written before you or the world existed. Our genetic blueprint is proof of the existence of the Living God and His infinite intelligence, purpose and design. Sadly,oakley glasses, many will ignore the deeper spiritual truth which underlies the advance of this scientific knowledge.”Jackson is the first African American nominee for statewide office since 1988 in Virginia.Jackson also made headlines for another passage in the book in which he writes that doing the exercise activity yoga will cause Satan to possess you.”The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself… [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it,” The race is an important one because the Virginia Senate is split evenly between Republicans and Democrats,oakley sunglasses sale, and the lieutenant governor casts the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

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The man who fled from South Londonderry Township police Wednesday night during a traffic stop and died in a crash in Derry Township was the son of a former chief of police in Annville-oakley sunglasses clearance

The man who fled from South Londonderry Township police Wednesday night during a traffic stop and died in a crash in Derry Township was the son of a former chief of police in Annville.

Michael T. Burdge Jr.,oakley sunglasses clearance, 20, of Palmyra, died from multiple traumatic injuries sustained after he was , said Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick in a press conference Friday afternoon. Burdge was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, Hetrick added.

“He was speeding and my understanding is he was eluding the police,” Hetrick said. “So, unbelted, speeding and eluding the police is not a good combination.”

Hetrick also confirmed that Burdge was the son of former Annville police chief, also named Michael Burdge.

Derry Township police and members of the Dauphin County Accident Reconstruction team are still investigating the circumstances that led to the crash,oakley sunglasses, but it appears a South Londonderry Township officer attempted to pull Burdge over for an unspecified traffic violation, police said.

Burdge fled the officer and led police on a chase that ended with the crash in the 800 block of Stauffer’s Church Road in Derry Township, police said.

Another young man,oakley, 18-year-old Trent Filter,oakley sunglasses sale, also of Palmyra, was a passenger in the car and sustained minor injuries in the crash, police said.

Police were not releasing any further information as of Friday regarding the crash or if Filter could be facing charges.

Former Chief Michael T,oakley eyeglasses. Burdge could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Spring-oakley sunglasses sale

Spring, TX April 29, 2013 Security One Lending announced that John H. Tate a resident of Toney, AL has been designated a Home Equity Retirement Specialist for the North Alabama, and Southern Tennessee Region.
I am thrilled to have John H Tate join our Home Equity Retirement Specialist team during such a significant time of growth for our company. As we continue to build one of the largest Home Equity Conversion (HECM) companies in the industry, we remain committed to offering a competitive suite of reverse mortgage products designed to meet the needs of our customers in North Alabama, and the Southern Tennessee region, said Alex Pistone, Senior Vice President and National Retail Sales Leader of Security One Lending. Housing wealth continues to be a viable retirement income planning component for many older people, especially the Baby Boomer generation. * The FHA-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) may be used to protect the client s access to housing wealth. At Security One Lending, our Home Equity Retirement Specialists are committed to ensuring the highest level of service for our customers. S1L employees take pride in honest and transparent dialog with clients and are committed to our corporate core values. John is exemplary of this, and makes an excellent addition to the S1L team.
Prior to joining Security One Lending,oakley sunglasses sale, Tate, an eighteen-year veteran of the mortgage industry, worked as a Reverse Mortgage Consultant with such firms as Maverick Funding, Met Life and Wells Fargo, prior to which he owned his own Mortgage Branch. He graduated from Athens State College,oakley sun glasses, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Tate is a resident of Toney, AL. For additional information about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, call Tate at 256-652-5340.
*Consult a financial planning specialist.
Security One Lending operates coast-to-coast, currently lending 41 States with license applications pending in 4 additional states. The firm offers a diversified mix of reverse mortgage products through a variety of distribution channels,oakley outlet, including retail, consumer direct and wholesale to support its lending efforts. Security One Lending is a FNMA Approved Seller/Servicer based in San Diego, CA. For more information on Security One Lending,oakley sunglasses, visit
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. dba Security 1 Lending. 2727 Spring Creek Drive, Spring, TX 77373. NMLS ID 107636. Texas-SML Mortgage Banker Registration #107636. Complaints Regarding Mortgage Bankers Should Be Sent to the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, 2601 North Lamar, Suite 201, Austin, TX 78705. A Toll-Free Consumer Hotline is Available at 1-877-276-5550. John Tate,oakley sunglasses outlet, NMLS#206781

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After 124 years-oakley

After 124 years, has decided it can no longer stand alone.

The Lebanon-based facility on Wednesday told employees and the community it will pursue a “partnership” its board believes is needed to sustain the 172-bed hospital in a health care landscape that is rapidly shifting in favor of larger systems.

It said it hopes to announce an agreement before the end of the year. The possibilities range from an affiliation among equals to merger to outright sale of the hospital, CEO Robert J. Longo said in an interview Wednesday.

But asked about the likelihood of selling the hospital, Longo said,oakley, “I personally don’t think that’s in the cards. Things could change, but that’s my feeling at this point.”

The hospital board plans to begin contacting other health systems and asking them to submit proposals. If the process goes as planned, a letter of intent could be inked by the end of the year, Longo said.

Longo, who has headed Good Samaritan for 30 years, said the board is committed to finding a partner that is a good “cultural” fit for Good Samaritan and the community, and that will preserve an acceptable level of “autonomy.”

Good Samaritan Health System in April laid off 22 people and said another 28 jobs will go unfilled. In the fiscal year that ended last year, meaning it lost $6.20 for every $100 of revenue.

But Longo said Good Samaritan isn’t in dire financial straits. He said much of the loss results from recruiting and employing doctors to meet overall community needs that weren’t being otherwise met.

Beyond that, he said Good Samaritan has been able to consistently invest in building and service upgrades, has good market share, and is well-supported by the community. “Our financials situation isn’t all that bad. It’s not terrific but it’s not bad,” he said. The health system is breaking even on operating revenues and costs, and is “very sustainable,” he said.

Longo said the need to find a partner is driven largely by changes brought about by the new federal health law, known as the Affordable Care Act.

The law contains many new incentives and penalties aimed at more efficient and less expensive health care. In order to accomplish those things, hospitals are under great pressure to acquire new technology and specialized staff, and the situation has caused a

“Those things are very challenging and I think they are beyond the capabilities of smaller hospitals,” Longo said.

The central Pennsylvania region contains several larger health systems that have been expanding. Those include: Penn State Milton S,oakley glasses. Hershey Medical Center; Harrisburg-based PinnacleHealth,oakley sunglasses sale; York-based WellSpan Health; Lancaster General Health,oakley sunglasses; and Geisinger Health System in Montour County.

Longo said some of those have indicated “there might be some idea they’d like to have us as a partner, but nothing direct.”

In a news release, Dr. John P. Welch, the chairman of Good Samaritan’s board of trustees,oakley sunglasses clearance, said Potential partners will be invited to offer ideas about different alliance options. While we are not requiring any particular business model, potential partners must propose options that fit our needs and those of our community.

The last similar situation in the Harrisburg region occurred in the late 1990s when the board of the former Carlisle Hospital announced it was seeking a strategic partner. That search eventually led to the hospital being purchased by Health Management Associates, a Florida-based for-profit chain.

Several years ago, PinnacleHealth and WellSpan spent months evaluating a possible deal before deciding to remain separate.

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University of Alabama vice president Mark Nelson speaks to Alabama American Legion Boys State students at Munny Sokol Park in Tuscaloosa-oakley eyeglasses

University of Alabama vice president Mark Nelson speaks to Alabama American Legion Boys State students at Munny Sokol Park in Tuscaloosa, Ala.,oakley eyeglasses, on June 15, 2012. (Chris Pow / al.com) More than 1,000 high school seniors will arrive
on campus at the University of Alabama this weekend,oakley sunglasses sale, as the and politics and community service conventions begin.
This is the first year the two events, sponsored by the
American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, will be held in the same
Throughout the week, participants from across the state will learn
about leadership, government and civic processes. Activities, including mock
elections and community service,oakley sunglasses outlet, begin Sunday and continue through June 15.
According to a UA news release, Gov. Robert Bentley will address
the boys at 2 p.m. Sunday in Morgan Auditorium, and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey will
speak to the girls at 2 p,oakley sunglasses.m. in the Ferguson Center,oakley glasses. UA President Judy Bonner
will welcome both groups.
Guest speakers include former Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb
and Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox.
Boys State participants will help to build a splash pad atTuscaloosa’s Palmore Park.
According to the Boys State website, “students from around the
state are chosen based on their demonstration of leadership, hard work, strong
morals and motivation in school and community activities.”

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